Why do Anglo whites think they have a superior culture?

Brits, Americans and Australians I mean. Canada is French, Mediterranean and Native so that place doesn't count.

Continental Europeans have a history going back thousands of years, before England was even a thing. And the US and Australia didn't exist until anout 350 years ago. Civilization also came from Southern Europe. Europe produced Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Scandinavia had Vikings. Many philosophers and inventors from that continent. It's where folk music originated too.

Anglo culture is oppression, racism and genocide. Oh and music no more than 50 years old!

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    Oswald Hope Robertson was white (English) and invented the blood bank which has saved literally over a billion human lives. 

    Penicillin (which has saved from 80 million to 200 million human lives was discovered by white Scottish man Alexander Fleming. 

    The industrial revolution started in northern England. 

    The computer was invented by an Englishman named Charles Babbage. 

    The first lightbulb was invented by a Cornish man named Humphrey Davy. 

    All non-white civilizations were built on slavery and oppression. 

    White Australian Trevor Pearcy invented computer generated music which all modern pop and rap uses. 

    Chinese people invented the first gun (not just gunpowder and fireworks). A Jewish male invented the nuke. Christopher Columbus was Italian aka non-white. The Portuguese aka non-whites started the Atlantic slave trade. Spaniards aka non-whites exterminated the Native Americans. Native Americans of the five civilized tribes owned black slaves at the same rate as Southern whites and held them for longer (since the 13th amendment didn't apply to Indian nations). Stalin was an ethnic Georgian i.e. person of color. Mao Zedong was a person of color. China causes the most pollution in the world. The United Arab Emirates causes more pollution per capita.  Child marriage is legal in black African and brown middle eastern Muslim countries. Racism, oppression and genocide are non-white inventions. Non-whites invented racist, sexist and homophobic laws and religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Mongols killed off 1/3 of humanity. 

    Whites are clearly morally superior to non-whites. Aesthetically superior too because white people look better than everyone. Especially white women. Culturally superior too. Which is why all the world leaders wear suits (originated from England) and mainstream music is programmed by computers (white Australian invention).

    Average British IQ 100

    Average Nigerian IQ 84

    Average Indian (curry) IQ 82

    Average Israeli IQ 95

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    Question is why does it matter. Not trying to be rude or anything, I see you selected your favorite answer already. Living your life caring about who or what is "superior" is a life not worth living in my eyes. Your purpose isn't determined by a celestial being at birth, it's determined by you as you grow. The only thing you should be concerning yourself with when it comes to being "superior" is yourself, how can you be a better you? How can you improve on yourself to be greater than you were yesterday in your personal and professional life? 

    I find that to be more worthwhile than making oneself feel greater than others because of the accomplishments or things brought to fruition by others. That isn't to say that a certain way of life isn't beneficial to the people it serves, and there's nothing wrong with acknowledging or appreciating the fruits of whatever that culture has laid bare. 

    It's like saying I'm thankful for the peach tree my father planted. I'm just thankful for what that has provided, that's all. It would be different if I attempted to elevate myself or my entire family over you, my neighbors and everyone because hey... we have a big peach tree. Because we have a big peach tree and you don't, your life, humanity and everything connected to it is worthless. 

    Every chance I get, I'm going to bring up the fact that my father planted a big peach tree. I know you live a decent life and are at peace with yourself, yeah yeah yeah, but did you know my father planted a big peach tree? Right, you're doing what makes you happy, but it'll make me happy if you bow down to me because of the big peach tree my father planted. It has nothing to do with you and you have no problem with it, sure, but I have a problem with you not kissing the ground that I walk on because my father created this big peach tree.

    Who cares? Is that what they think? Okay, big deal, whatever. Live your life, you only get one slot... are you really going to waste it, caring about this utter nonsense? 

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    Look at former white ruled countries, re0turned to black rule.  Haiti, South Africa, etc. now cesspools still looking to the white man to bail them out.

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    Possibly because it is. Look at UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NewZealand. If these countries are so awful, why do most of the third world want to get there?

    I don’t see any asylum seekers trying but get to China, Russia, India or any if the fantastic countries the left try to make out are better than us.

    Try rioting about racism in Russia and see how brutal the police can be.

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    Everyone thinks that their culture is superior.  It makes you look very unworldly that you're not aware of this.  

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    Most all celtic people have grandiosity as a part of their psychology. 

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    Canada doesn't count? You're an idiot on so many levels, not even worth breaking down how dumb your information is.

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    Lol do most white Americans even think about you all ?

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    Very sensible to post this anonymously! Terrible grammar and incorrect, uninformed, ludicrous statements! England is a country not a "thing"!

    One example: Scottish folk music originated in Scotland, Bulgarian in Bulgaria, etc., etc.! And Canada is more English as French. Is the U.S. not far more Spanish (Mediterranean) than Canada?!!

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    If you really believe that Anglo culture is nothing but oppression, racism and genocide then I suggest that you "cancel" it and quit appropriating its culture by using its inventions.

    First things first.  You need to get off the oppressive, racist and genocidal internet with your similarly oppressive phone or computer that uses racist web coding and genocidal electricity.

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