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How do hospitals make money ?

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    Bottom line, very few business make "a lot" of money. That is because is a business makes tons of money, someone else opens in competition, and prices come down. A hospital may do billions in business, but make a few million in profit. It sounds like a lot of money, but they spend a ton of money to make a small percentage.

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    They make money when u bother them about your problems and it’s fixed 

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    I agree with Rick.  The outrageous prices they stick on basic medications, then they charge you for "renting" the TV you are watching in your room, the disgusting food, ridiculous prices for some basic services, etc.  I know they have their bills to pay, expenses, etc. but cant help wondering why it has to be like this.  Our cities, states, and government tax us for so much of this, gotta pay for that.  Can we bring in some folks to take a GOOD look at our budget, cut those crazy taxes to pay for the lawn care around this govt. building and turn it into a tax to help those who need help with healthcare or food or housing or add it to any tax such as this to provide more care for the people in this country?  I pray for the homeless, unemployed, uninsured who don't have the funds to buy their existence on earth.  I swear it seems if you can't pay for healthcare services, they will let you die.  Or you get the bottom of the barrel care.  It's not fair and you want to throw up all over the people who are so cruel and inhuman to be ok with this and sleep at night knowing it.  SMH :'(

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    They draft a budget that includes a profit, and sick people (either personally or through an insurance company) can either pay the piper, or suffer a long time and/or die from their affliction.

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    Mostly from insurance companies and from Medicare.  The fees paid by Medicaid often do not cover the cost of the procedures and the people without insurance do not pay their bills so the private insurance and Medicare costs are higher.

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    buy charging you 30 bucks for ONE ASPIRIN !!!!!

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