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If Trump had a billion dollars highly doubtful but if he did would Trump Org have at least 3 billion out in loans right now?

Everything, including Trump Tower has loans on the property. What does Trump own outright? Jared just had a billion dollar mortgage payment due but magically a 99 year lease, paid up front came through for 666 5th ave. A dilapidated old building that has a dismal occupancy record.


Kerri, exactly why Trump won't show tax returns and has at least 2 fraud cases open right now

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  • Rusty
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    1 month ago

    of course.  six (6) bankruptcies, completely failed businessman but he played one on TV and along with the woman hatred and anti-Mexican slurs, he got custody of the rear ends of the most submissive unthoughtful conformist yes-men and yes-women the world has ever seen: Trump supporters. 

  • Kerri
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    1 month ago

    You show me the audited financial statements for the Trump organization and I will explain them to you.  Otherwise you are engaged in conjecture which is the equivalent of a peeing contest. 

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