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Rock fans, what do you think of this awesome rock song and i know youll love it if u havent listened to alright, its one of the best?

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    its alright     

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    I'm already familiar with it. It's just okay.

  • I know the song and the band and it's not really my thing, a bit like The Strokes, trying to be too retro.  As someone who grew up with New Wave/Post Punk at the time, it just comes across as too much of a boring copycat tribute act.

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    4 weeks ago

    Ugh! Boring.

    Listened to a whole minute before I gave up waiting for something interesting to hit my ears.

    Try this instead:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Note that each "verse" is quite different from the previous.

    The chorus is, of course, fairly repetitive...and awesome.

    Note: according to the band members, the song makes fun of several big hit songs from the previous year or two that they felt were not deserving of being hits.

    It's fun to try to guess at the songs and/or groups they were imitating/mocking. I'm certain one is Jethro Tull. (They do an excellent job imitating Anderson's flute style.) I strongly suspect one is John Lennon. I'm not very sure of the rest (there are several others.)

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    4 weeks ago

    It's okay if you just listen to it without the video, the video is terrible. It's like watching one of those annoying constant shaky camera movies.

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