An elk walks 25km [E 53.13° N] then walks 20km [S], and runs 15km [W]. The journey takes 12h. Find average velocity & average speed.?

I'm not sure how to draw this out. What does [E 53.13° N] mean? I assume 53.13° North of East, which is 36.87°. My sketches don't seem correct. 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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         E 53.13˚ N   means start from  Eastern axis [ the + x qxis ], move in the North direction by an angle of  53.13˚, and go 25 km along this direction.

    so  [ Starting axis ],  ( angle) ,  [ rotate towards this axis ]

    e.g.   N 20˚ W  means  from your starting point, find the N direction, then turn 20˚ towards the West direction.

    And yes ,      E 53.13˚ N   is the same as  N 36.87˚ E


    It would seem that your ave speed would be  total dist / total time    I assume ave velocity is change in displacement   [  basically final position - initial position ] / total or elapsed time.

    The path seems to form a  complete triangle, start at origin, ends up back at origin... technically facing due West.  

    I'll let you calculate the total distance covered. 

    the S  walk of 20 km is = to the amount the elk moved North , since  25 sin ( 53.13˚ ) = 20 km ,  and  25 cos ( 53.13˚) = 15 km. 


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