Which schools can I look into to become a nurse?

I got my associate's degree in English. I want to do an online school preferably or trade school for nursing. My community college, it takes forever to get classes plus they do a lottery system for nursing students so you may not even get in.

All the schools I spoke to have a program from RN to BSN. I am looking for a program where you can become a nurse from scratch. 

Which schools should I be looking for?

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  • April
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    4 weeks ago
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    Just go to a local community college for an associate's degree in nursing or do an LPN program at your local vo-tech. You need a school within living distance to do clinicals. 

    I don't know how most people would feel about having a nurse work on them with no prior hands-on training...

  • 4 weeks ago

    Look into a Licensed Practical Nursing program - they usually last a year, with plenty of clinical time.  Once you have that license, and a job, you may find that the hospital you work for will pay for you to obtain your RN while you still can work.  I have met more than a few RN students who, after seeing LPN students during clinical rotations, withdraw from their RN program to attend a LPN school for a more in depth clinical experience.  They return for the RN after that.

  • fcas80
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    4 weeks ago

    Any four year college that offers a nursing major trains you from scratch.  If you graduated from a community college, you may still use  their advisory services to help you find a four year college.

  • MS
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    4 weeks ago

    I don't know of any nursing programs that are online.  There are online graduate nursing programs, and maybe some RN-BSN programs, because the focus of those programs tends to be on additional knowledge rather than additional skill.  But you have to go in person for your initial nursing degree because that's when you learn the various clinical skills that you need and that you cannot learn online.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You cannot do nursing online. You need labs for all your sciences, hospital rotations, practical training. And you cannot do all that at home on the computer! Commercial schools vary in quality, and you will have to investigate any such school especially carefully to ensure it is accredited, respected by employers, and that students pass their licensing exams (NCLEX)! Nursing has become a popular choice among people who think it guarantees employment. It does not! You must be a good student who graduated from a respected school. And considering how difficult nursing programs can be, you need to be determined & dedicated to nursing. 

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