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What would you say to girl with a learning disability who hates herself and that feels like no guy wants to date her?

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    I'd help her overcome her self hatred by refusing to let her put herself down for starters. I wouldn't let anyone else put her down either, because I know how rotten some people can be.

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    A person who hates themselves should not be dating. they should be seeking help and healing so they are able to have a healthy relationship. So I won't date anyone who hates his/herself. 

    But I would be a friend. And that person isn't worthless or "damaged goods", you can't discard people. But they need to be whole to make a good relationship. 

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    I'm disabled with a learning disability, bipolar disorder, and a few major health issues. You must have another reason you feel she isn't a good match. Don't say it's because she is disabled, because while honest, it's rude. Just find one of the other reasons she isn't a match and tell her that is why. The worst thing you can do to someone in this situation is ghost because then we think it's because of our issues right away and although we have an issue, we will see you as a coward. We are told to not play the victim by society and most of us don't and we don't expect you to take the victim mentality either. You sound like a nice guy and I wish you the best of luck!

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    i would hold hands with her and tell her that there are people who cares about her.

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