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Is my bf jealous and insecure?

We met two months ago , he knows I’m very attractive , guys always flocking to me on social media ,.. he knows I’m the flashy type , I have my own style and I’m edgy and pretty much I’m just a Scorpio lol being me is what drew him to me, but now that we are two months into the relationship he doesn’t want me responding to guys under my public posts on fb, he hates that they comment but I can’t control that or else that means I would have to delete every single guy from fb then I would have hardly any followers ... he don’t want me wearing make up , he says he doesn’t want me to go get my nails done anymore and that he loves me without all that stuff so I don’t have to get my hair done either , and he also says He doesn’t want me going to bars , clubs out to restaurants with friends etc ... only around family that’s it because I would have to dress up and who would I be dressing up for.. I’m like I do those things because it makes me happy I don’t do it for others.. it’s shocking that he is saying all of this because he tries to portray himself to be a guy that don’t care about anything he tries to play hard as if he don’t have emotions..... I feel like it’s all an act because if he is so hard and lack emotions and all of that then why do I have all of these rules? Smh 


He has no interest in going to bars and stuff instead he’d rather run with his buddies then come home ... I don’t mind .. but why can’t I hang out with mines and come home ... fair is fair

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    Speaking from a guy's perspective, guys like him disgust me, they really do. You are nothing more than a trophy for him. He's got you, now he wants to change you so you are no longer attracted by other guys.. He is immature, weak minded and if you have ANY sense? You'd dump him before he ends up making your life a living hell.

    The girl I fell for use to be a catwalk model and I encouraged her to be the outgoing person she enjoyed being, and ya know what? Years later we are very much still together, still happy and have a very happy family.

    Being with someone should make your lives better together, not stop you from being who you want to be.

    Sorry if I overstepped, I'm just giving you an honest answer.

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    1 month ago

    You've heen seeing him for only two months??  Clearly he is not the guy for you.  This guy is a controlling and yes, he's insecure.  Tell him it's over.

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    1 month ago

    Just know your role and listen to what the man says.

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    1 month ago

    Does he even have a big one? Bc that’s what u should be worried about 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Jealous? Yes. Insecure? No. When a man commits he is shutting out women. We expect the same. If going to bars is so important go with him!

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    1 month ago

    Whats your fb babe?

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