Do you find it sad that some people think this Covid is a bunch of political BS?

I personally do, Covid is real and is very dangerous.

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    4 weeks ago
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    Do I find it sad ? No.What I find sad is how gullible the people are being brain washed by fear from the media / government leaders. There are millions of viruses out there just as deadly, always has been and always will be. From all the past pandemics, how many were in / so close to an election year as this virus? I don't remember any. Why all of a sudden people are suppose to wear masks, social distance? We didn't through any of  the other pandemics.  The government leaders didn't give a rats behind about past pandemics then so why are they all of a sudden concerned now? To control people thats why. Put enough fear into the people they will do anything. Wash your hands with sanitizer. How do you kill a virus by using sanitizes. You don't. A virus isn't a living thing. So you just kill good bacteria along with bad bacteria useing sanitizer. I people are so afraid, stay at home and sterilize everything you touch in your house. You being brain washed by fear mongering media / government leaders. Doing exactly what you are told to be afraid of. If a store requires a mask I will wear it. If I walk in and see others whit their masks off, mine comes off. And I will not wear it out side.

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    yes I do...........................

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    Sad? I think borders on being  traitorous. I don't know of anyone that believes Covid is imaginary, its real...but the response has been blown way, way, way out of proportion. There is no reason to completely destroy the economy and quarantine perfectly healthy people, NONE. Do you remember 6 months ago when you were told this was only going to last 2 'flatten the curve" so we wouldn't overwhelm the hospitals? Do you remember that? Well..did we? Now its "We need a vaccine", then it will be "We need to see if the vaccine works." There will never be an end to it. You're being controlled.

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