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Is it true that too much estrogen can cause different cancers ? If so , how and why is that ?

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    It can increase the risk of certain cancers.

    It can increase the growth of other cancers.

    It can reduce both risk and growth of other cancers.

    It is a hormone and hormones influence growth in a variety of ways.

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    Estrogen has been associated with breast cancer and cancers of the female reproductive organs (uterus and ovaries).  Exactly why there is a relationship is not certain.  Researchers are still working on that.

    The longer one is exposed to estrogen, the greater the risk, so if a woman reached menarche (first period) at  a young age and menopause at a late age, she is at greater risk than someone who reached menarche late and menopause early.

    Obesity is a risk because estrogen is stored in fat.  If you are overweight, you have greater estrogen stores.  If you are overweight at the point you reach menopause, you have stores that will last for some time and could place you at risk.

    This is the reason that hormone replacement therapy (oral or delivered by patch) after menopause is considered a cancer risk.  It exposes women to estrogen for some time after they would naturally have been exposed, and a recent meta-study confirms that this exposure is a genuine problem.

    However, topical vaginal estrogen creams intended solely to relieve post-menopausal vaginal dryness do not carry this same risk.

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