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Stan took a 2-day road trip. He traveled 600 miles on the first day. However, he drove 2 hours longer on the second day to travel 750 miles. If Stan maintained the same average speed on both days, what was that average speed? 

I tried at first making an equation. Because it says 2 hours longer I made the equation 750/(x+2) = 600 / x. Then I solved for x but I got the question wrong. Please explain so I can understand how to do these types of equations.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Let t be the time for the first day of travel.

    Let s be the speed on both days.

    d = st

    First Day: 600 = st

    Second Day: 750 = s(t + 2) = st + 2s

    Substituting 600 for st in the second equation gives:

    750 = 600 + 2s

    150 = 2s

    s = 75 mph

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