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Why is yahoo censoring my questions?

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    Mine is a moderate right wing account standing up for the rights of native people. I demand to say what I say. One troll phones another troll and says "lets get harrison" but other proud Britons like me are on to their little game. EDIT  I have had a great deal of insulting filth spoken about me,and its still there after several years. Oh yes I do report the violations but some trolls have a charmed life. EDIT although of course its staff who delete posts its other members who actually report them. Often its the person they report (whom they hate) NOT what they have written.

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    You'd need to explain what you mean by that, because although there IS a profanity filter that causes some words to appear as asterisks (****) there is no censoring on the site by Yahoo/Verizon. 


    The site IS community moderated which means all users have the ability to report any post they feel is a violation of the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines or Verizon Media Terms of Service (links to Community Guidelines and Terms are at the bottom right of every page - desktop). Posts that are reported by enough accounts are removed from the display. The user who made the post has 7 days to appeal to get their post reinstated (the Help link at the bottom right is where you find the appeals page).


    There is also a long-term chronic issue with the spam filters on the site that causes some questions and some answers not to show up in the display (although the user who posted them can see them and may not be aware they are not visible to others). Questions typically become visible to everyone if moved to another category, wait a few seconds, and them moved back to where they belong. Answers may become visible after 1 or more edits. Posting clickable links in answers (esp if posting as Anon) seems to trigger the filter to hide that answer more than any other specific behavior, but any answer may be affected. Mine tend to disappear from view if I edit them. 

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    Most Likely Due to a Violation of the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines

    Check the Rule Book to see what you may have Done wrong if After Reading you find you did nothing

    Wrong then Appeal use the Alternative Appeal Form

    If you got a Violation Email Notice dont use the Link from the Message that one is not working

    Correctly you will get a Error message saying it did not come from your Account

    To Appeal go here

    Select Contact a Yahoo Specialist then Appeals then Follow the Instructions from there 

    If you give us more information about what the Question was we may be able to Tell you what you did wrong IF you did anything wrong at all 

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    They aren't.    Any censoring is done by people here reporting your posts.

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    First of all, Yahoo had nothing to do with the deletion of your questions. The members of this community reported them.

    Second, the reason why they were deleted because of violations of the Community Guidelines. If you've bothered to take the time to read and understand them, none of this would have happened.

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    Without complete information, all we can say is that users are reporting you for violating the site rules. You are most likely using a chat format or are ranting a political opinion.

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    most likely yes

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