I have a Zoom video question I need to solve ASAP...?

I have a Zoom video question I need to solve ASAP here. Ok I use basic Zoom for 1 thing only right now and that is a once monthly pain group Zoom meeting for the last 4 months and each meeting is roughly 3 hours. But for some reason last week when I joined the meeting, my video wouldn't work at all, only my audio. And I haven't touched ANY settings with Zoom at all! And my webcam that's in my laptop was on (the webcam light was on)... I do not host these meetings, someone else does and it's a group of up to say 10 people at times. Do you lose video at some point with the basic package?? I ask because I don't was to pay for the pro package unless I know that's the issue... I've already uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom twice... Any help?? I've already Googled how to test Zoom video, I follow the steps but it's still a black screen... ANYTHING?? Thanks!! I have to get this working again within 2 weeks because I have a Zoom doctors appointment! YIKES!

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