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My husband has moments where he’s nice to me and then moments where he snaps at me for nothing. Is he acting out because I cheated ?

I had an affair 3 times and I know a lot of you going to say that I’m going to continue having an affair but after the deep dark depression I’ve been in these last couple of weeks I can honestly say that I’m never cheating again. I never wish this pain on anyone. He said he pushed the thoughts of what we had out of his mind so he’s fine and going to work smiling. I was worried about him at first but then he said He’s fine and doesn’t miss anything about the relationship because he doesn’t think about it.  Don’t worry about him he’s fine and happy. It’s me that’s depressed. I guess this is my karma.. being miserable for however long. I hate that I’ve allowed myself to cheat multiple times. Honest to God this experience has taught me a lot. I did have a problem where I craved attention but now I’m not even talking to no men not even on a friendly level. I realized how all over the place I was. My husband been having mood swings though. One day he’s texting me 24/7 and asking me about my family and all that and the next day he’s cold towards me. I was on the phone with him told him I loved and missed him even though he doesn’t feel the same. He was so cold to me and said “don’t say you love me anymore. Your delusional. That is not love. I’m blocking you if you say you love me again.” I honest to God love this man more than itself and I’m sick without him. He has days where he’s so sweet then days where he blows up. Not sure if this some disorder or if its because of the affair. 

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    1 month ago

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  • n2mama
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    1 month ago

    Let me solve it for you-he doesn’t have a disorder, it’s because of your multiple affairs. You shouldn’t be married, agree to divorce him and let him move on with his life. You clearly don’t have the capacity to take ownership of your actions.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You think it was your cheating? where did you get that idea from? Im sure he is over joyed that you slept with another man. Id never trust or take back a cheater. too bad your husband is so stupid to have you in his life, You cannot erase your cheating from his mind, he will never let you forget what you did, now live with it.

  • lala
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    1 month ago

    Cheating is the worst wound that can endure the partner 

     Of course its because of the cheating 

    and your husband is right ;;you do not love him since a long time ago 

    |He is just a good bread winner and you are oK with some food in the house and a roof over your head 

    Now live with the consequence of cheating 

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