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How is it possible for China to be responsible for two global pandemics in a row?

The last global pandemic (Spanish flu) was thought to have originated in China. Now, we are dealing with corona virus which originated in China. 

What’s going on in China?!? 

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    they're not. Trump down-played the dangers of the virus.

    It is Trump's virus, not China's

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    That wasn't the last global pandemic.

    AIDS originated in Africa.

    More to the point, China wasn't responsible for COVID-19 or Spanish flu becoming global pandemics.  What is going on in China is the same as in other countries -- diseases pop up all over.  What is different is what is happening in the United States of America, which spreads the diseases from China to the rest of the world and turns them into global pandemics instead of local outbreaks.

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    The 1918 H1N1 pandemic is largely believed to be of US origin. But that isn't the direct predecessor to COVID-19 as there was an H2N2 pandemic in 1957 (first identified in Singapore), an H3N2 pandemic in 1968 (first identified in the US) and another H1N1 pandemic in 2009 (also first identified in the US). But in a world where 20% of humanity lives in China it's not all that surprising that a large number of international bugs seem to come from that place. 

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    1 month ago

    The HIV/AIDS was in the 80s. 

    There was SARS in 2004. 

    China was the epicenter but there are evidence that covid was in Europe back in October 2019. Scientists took some waste water samples from October 2019 and the coronavirus was found. An Oxford scientist thinks that covid might have been in England before the outbreak. 

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    Sars originated in China too.  The Chinese viruses seem to want to start there.  I don't know about the others but covid-19 is man-made.  China made it as a bio-weapon.  What we are not sure about is whether it was accidentally or intentionally released and if it was intentionally released, whether it was done so by an individual in the lab or planned by the communist government.

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    Because they have so many people, and in some places packed together, viruses can spread more easily and take hold there. The same reason New York had such a big explosion here.

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