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The evolution of thought In America?

Archer said..

"Although slavery was quite common, even in Africa, that does not make it right in a country founded on the equality of men. What they seem to forget is that it was mainly Whites who fought the war to end slavery."

This is what I have to say to that.

In 1861..

The USA was less than 100 years old..

It doesn't matter what some think the USA was founded on.

The USAs population still had the behavioral and thinking characteristics of the old world..

And quite a lot if not most people were immigrants, not born here.

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    I can't get over black rioters asking for reparation from white people for their ancestors being slaves.  Since the white people fought for the black people to be free, can't we all celebrate how far we have come.  Breonna was a tragedy.  A beautiful 26 year old woman with a lot to offer was killed by police thinking they were serving a warrant correctly and then one shot by a confused man brought her life to an end by the return fire of the police.  This is an American Horror Story.  We do have a President who cares for black people and he care for our police officers.  As our world gets crazier, these horror stories get crazier.  George Floyd was a drug addict resisting arrest.

    Blake had raped and beaten his girlfriend and failed to stay away from her, so she called for her Order to be enforced.  One of the officers was placed in a head lock by Blake and when he ran to his car and tried to flee, the other officer couldn't stop him and he fired 5 times before he fell. In a flash I'm sure that officer thought, if he gets away he'll kill those children in the car.  I want every black person to put themselves in the place of a police officer who realizes he can lose his life at any moment and he is paid to protect innocent people and arrest the bad.  Were Floyd and Blake innocent?  Breonna was innocent.  It was her boyfriend who fired the first shot and the killing began.

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    You're supposed to ask a q. How do you not know this? If I wanted your thoughts, I'd be asking you the q.

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