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Is stress eating and drinking common and how can i correct this ?

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    It's not UNcommon. 


    Correct it by dealing with the source of the stress so you've removed the trigger to eat/drink outside of meal times, OR redirect your reaction so that instead of eating/drinking when stressed you do something else (many people find exercise to be a great help in relieving stress). 

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    Yes, both those behaviors are common.  It takes understanding that eating and drinking are you attempts to self-medicate and they aren't actually helping you deal with the underlying emotional issue.  Instead, you need to face your fears, get counseling to address various issues, an adopt other actives that can increase dopamine and serotonin -- things like meditation, prayer, exercise, and gratitude.  

    You also need to get rid of the snack foods and alcohol so it isn't easy to grab when you feel stressed.

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    selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors 

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