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How painful was it for Browns fans in 80s?

Jan.4 1981 AFC divisional round lost to raiders 14-12. Red right 88

Jan.4 1986 AFC divisional round lost to dolphins 24-21. Blew 18 pt lead

Jan.11 1987 AFC championship game lost to broncos 23-20 in OT. The drive

Jan.17 1988 AFC championship game lost to broncos 38-33. The fumble

Got close multiple times but never got job done

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    Tough but better than years of hopeless losing.

  • Mike W
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    It probably wasn't as painful as it was for Buffalo Bills fans.  Their team made it to the Super Bowl 4 consecutive times, and lost every time.   Making them the 3rd team to lose in the Super Bowl 4 times.  

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    I would argue LESS painful than it's been SINCE the 80s.  They sucked HARD after that, and then had no team (albeit rather briefly) and when they got one again, it was EVEN WORSE.  The Bengals at least had an era of moderate competitiveness under Marvin Lewis when all of Mike Brown's penny pinching couldn't overcome Lewis' coaching.  The Browns haven't.  I can't recall any point when they've been competitive.

    As a Washington NotSkins fan, I gotta tell you, as painful as 'getting close' can be...just being absolute GARBAGE as a franchise is SO much more painful.

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