Why is google play store not working?

I accidentally clicked uninstall updates on it and it stopped working. I went to application manager on my phone and saw it on the "All" category but it doesnt show that it was disabled. It was still, enabled. It just doesn't start up. I can still access Google play store fine on my laptop though, but I can't download anything on my phone even though it is linked. I went to apkmirror . com but I don't know what to do after that. I went to this website https://www.gizbot.com/how-to/tips-tricks/how-to-r... but I don't know how to fix this problem. There are a lot of Google play store files on apkmirror . com I'm not sure what to do

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    Clear cache and data from the Play Store, Google Play Services and Download Manager, then restart your phone.  

    You may need to sign out of your account and back in.  

  • It's uninstalling all your updates which will take it some time.

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