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San Francisco mayor announces city will pay some pregnant women $1,000 a month — but only if they're black or Pacific Islander?

The mayor of San Francisco wants to help pregnant women with the financial burden of having and caring for an infant — but only certain pregnant women.

White, Asian, and Hispanic expectant mothers need not concern themselves with applying for help from the city's new program: It's only for black and Pacific Islander women.

isn't this racist?

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  • Foofa
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    Fully racist. But this is hardly the state's first law excluding whites, which are incidentally a racial minority in this state. People like Gavin Newsom must be able to look in the mirror and convince themselves they're something other than Caucasian. 

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    "San Francisco mayor announces city will pay some pregnant women $1,000 a month — but only if they're black or Pacific Islander?"

    And so with each passing year, we move further and further away from Martin Luther King Jr's dream of judging people by the content of their character rather than by the color of their skin. And this is being promoted by those that believe they are advancing the cause of social justice. The radical left, and many of the black adherents to this same unsustainable ideology who are led to believe that they can get something for nothing.

    This blatantly racist program that is occurring >55 years after the Civil Rights Act was passed is almost an admission that equality is a failure, and we need to revert back to the older model instead. That older model was one where we had different Rights and Responsibilities by race. Clearly people like the mayor of San Francisco does not believe that equal Rights is the way to go as she wants to deny these financial pregnancy privileges to women of certain races. In this case, those other raced women and all men need extra Rights in order to fulfil their added Responsibility of taking financial care of those black and Pacific Islander women who clearly cannot take care of themselves with the same Rights as everyone else has, that they now enjoy. At least that's the insinuation.  

    So how about if we let these individual women decide for themselves? Take the privileges and give up your Rights ... or keep your Rights and take care of yourselves just like everyone else. Pick one. In the meantime, some lawyer needs to take this blatantly racist mayor of San Fransisco to court.


  • Sandy
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    that's pandering on a scale I can't even begin to comprehend. no wonder people are leaving Cali in droves.

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