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Why is wasting taxpayers money on the royals only a problem for the right-wing media if it involves Harry & Megan ?

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    The right wing flog or should that be milk the royal family by flogging pictures, special editions, memorabilia!

    To the point it's sickening!

    If the youngest and his wife actually earn their loot as opposed to their usual method of siphoning income, for example Sophy married to a royal preferred relinquishing work to concentrate on her whatever she concentrates on, it might set a precedence for all royals to actually undertake some real contribution towards society as opposed to exploiting their inherited lineage.

    This in turn would mean no milking via flogging all that baggage to do with them!

    Sometimes a cynic wonders was the newspaper purchased for news or was the intend to be used as a cash cow?

    Obviously a certain segment of society make for easy pickings! Example grandmothers who coo over the royal family. 

    Who knows why? 

    After all they are just flawed individuals!

    Whereas celebrities come and go just like fashion, from the right wingers prospective the royals continue due to their family lineage! Hence the lay out from their stance stays the same, but the income from flogging them exceeds the expenditure incurred!

    i.e. Profitable business model!

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    3 weeks ago

    Me-me-Meghan and harry want to be independent so why should the tax payer fund them?

    Three questions about this couple, quite the fan-boy?

    The others work, give it a go, it might change your life. 

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    3 weeks ago

    Official expenditure for the royals is not funded by the taxpayers. It comes from the Sovereign Grant, money paid to the Queen from the estates she owns. The media is looking to make trouble for the Duke and Duchess after they came out in favor of Biden.

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    Whether or not a person likes the Royals or not, I thought the trip was 'work', it's what they are paid to do.

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