Can a web programmer do everything that UX/UI designers do?

Can a web programmer build a good looking website with just adobe dreamweaver and visual studio series? Is there anything that Adobe XD and  Figma can do but dreamweaver and visual studio can't?

If you are good at HTML5, Python and Javascript and know how to use developer tools like dreamweaver, visual studio and pycharm, do you never need to use UX/UI design software like Adobe XD and  Figma to build a website?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Every bit of what the developer-level and designer-level tools can do for you can be done by hand (i.e. text editors and Photoshop), it just takes longer.

    What these products do is automate the process by having recipes for common features that the designer can put together. Most of the time it's good enough. Sometimes it's not and you have to go old school. 

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