Working a second job whilst on furlough, UK..?

Do I legally need to tell my primary employer that I am working a second job with similar working hours?

I love my primary job. But I've been on furlough since March and I'm going to be made redundant in November which is confirmed but I am yet to receive my official notice. So I've decided to take a second job to reduce the stress and anxiety of becoming unemployed. Nothing in my contract states that I cannot work a second job. My co-workers have worked second jobs whilst on furlough. And the company have confirmed that there will be no requirement to work a notice period. With voluntary redundancy being an option to take. 

I would rather not tell them though encase it may harm any glimmer of hope that I have of remaining employed by the company as I don't want to be made redundant. I wouldn't want to make it an easier decision for them because I have a 'back up' job. 


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    For the hours you are furloughed your employer cannot ask you to do work for another linked or associated company. If your contract allows, you may undertake other employment for the time your current employer has placed you on furlough, and this will not affect the grant that they can claim under the scheme

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