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How much more catastrophic would Covid-19 be if it affected young adults the worst?

The flu of 1918 had this exact nature. We are lucky this is not the case. I am asking for what you think hypothetically would be the case. Not that you would know for sure, obviously. I think personally it would be much more devastating(as devastating as this one is). Much more younger lives would be purged and therefore people die in the prime of their lives with so much more for them. 


I realize this virus kills young people too but my point is not nearly as much. 

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    So aside from the obvious, many children would be orphaned and become wards of the state. Even more people would be out of work due to illness which would crush our workforce. Every single industry would suffer. Economically, it would be a total disaster.

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    1 month ago

    I don't know really

  • Anonymous
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    The world would probably be a much better place.  The population growth rate would be regressed a bit for a decade or so and we can always replace them when needed.  The older folks have so much more value with their knowledge and experience and can accomplish so much more if not having to waste time and resources tending to children. 

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    Don’t fret young one. Everything will be alright. Daddy is here 

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