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People claim that I am a terrorist, It hurts and I can't take it anymore!?

I am a muslim actually.I don't know anything about history but what do I know that alot of muslim kids got kidnaped by Israelis from syria, iraq, egypt, saudi arabia... And they have learnt to bomb themselves as this is the meaning of jihad. But that's not what really jihad means. It means when you participate in a war and either you die or not die. But then the media has something else to say. I do not blame them because they saw something that no one can deny it. But what do I do? Nothing I can do to proove myself to the world that I'm a nice person :(

I listen to music, I draw, I enjoy, I play games, I wear cool clothes, I go out, I get fade haircuts and I would have had a girlfriend but that didn't happen HAHAH.

I just dont hate myself or have to wear a cap and white clothes


Islam says to enjoy everything but be humble and never revolte

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    Forget about politics and focus on not letting your imaan or heart nor your obedience to God become altered ( changed) by anything of people ,places , time , what people say think and think and do , society , or anything of this worldly life at any time . You are fearing something that isn't real . You need to completely forget about politics and focus on making best effort seeking forgiveness everyday and fearing the day of judgement gaining the never ending happiness of God on you. Focus on not committing any sins or mistakes at any time or place and gaining the guidance of God..  Focus on only God completely and entirely everyday until death arrives because this life is just a test of how much of a true servant of God you are. Fear God and obey him and the messanger pbuh. What I'm seeing of your question it's like a man who has perfect masculinity but fears being a girl. Or like a professional basketball player fearing not knowing how to dribble a ball. I'm a born muslim that has seen so many muslims around the globe since before I became an adult and not one of those muslims believe in violent idealogies . You really are fearing something that isn't real of yourself and of muslims and no need to fear it . Islam is entirely about submitting and devoting yourself to one God who has no partner or son . Fighting is only allowed when your safety is danger by another person's violence . I'm saying this based on Islamic doctorine that i study everyday and not my own thoughts. And I used to listen to a lot of rock and metal music myself until I realized today's music is thrash for the soul and you should just listen to nasheed or nature audio in order to keep your mind clean and pure . You need to let go of your delusional fears and rather seek forgiveness a lot and fear the day of Judgement that is coming . Start reading Holy Quran with tafseer every day a lot and try reading Nahjul Balagha . Start watching Islamic lectures on youtube and increase your nawfil salah . Don't ever be late to a single prayer and start doing sunnah and nawfil salah . Also most importantly seek forgiveness for all your sins and mistakes that you don't know you have done and aren't able to identify. Get out of worldly matters and politics except for REAL necessities such as your education and start working towards gaining forgiveness and never sinning . Major sins are not easily forgiven and requires effort . Don't think about politics or whatever some bad people from muslim countries are doing - just forget all this and focus on gaining the happiness of God and his forgiveness . Make dua a lot . If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

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    So you are so weak you will let other people's words bring you to the wahhhhhhmbulance crying hysterically and screaming I can't take this anymore!? Grow a pair and learn some discipline which means ignore their words. If you are too weak to do that, that's on you. You also learn to learn you have nothing to prove to anyone except you know how to troll and eat grapes. 

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