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Getting a second dog...advise suggestions?

Might be getting a 8 week old pup in a few weeks....have a 13 year old dog at the house now, used to being the only dog...

bad idea? suggestions advise?


the pup would definitely be crated at least in the beginning month, i dont intend to let those two alone unattended for a while until i get the feel for it

my older dog is iffy with some dogs, not aggressive just not really used to have any in his environment...he is territorial to some degree

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  • Jojo
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    3 weeks ago

    I personally do not think it would be very kind to bring an 8 week old pup into an old dog of 13 years old territory.

    He is old and likes his peace and solitude and having your attention all to himself. He may not have a lot longer to live, even if he appears very fit.

    A puppy will change his outlook on life and he may not find its antics easy to put up with and seeing you give the pup a lot of attention may upset him a bit.

    Why not wait a while until the old dog has kicked the bucket and let him have his last months (or maybe years) happy as he is now.

    Also it will not be fair on the pup if you crate him too much.

    The pup needs to run around and explore his surroundings and not be shut off in a crate.

    However.....YOU know your old dog and I don`t. Not even his breed or if he is castrated or not and what his health is like. So I am just basing my answer on the few facts I can read in your post. 

    But do remember that a puppy needs attention 24/7 if its going to mature into a sociable well trained dog. If its crated too much, that may not be the case.


    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years.
  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    not sure, the old dog may like a companion but may find the younger dog a nuisance (they can be over active). I reckon u have one pet at a time. I don't believe in crating dogs, we have gone thousands of years without them. They are for uninformed people who use them instead of taking the time to train a dog. 

  • Amber
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    4 weeks ago

    I personally wouldn't do that to an old dog. It's like putting a toddler with an old person. They just can't take all that. My Mum did this to her old dog and the puppy wouldn't leave him alone. In the end my Mum had to make a room for the puppy so her old dog got a break. If your old dog is very active still then maybe, but if he's starting to show his age and slow down I would wait. Especially since your dog has territorial issues.

    And I don't really like crating dogs. I've seen so many people on here with puppy issues (biting, resource guarding, barking, howling, anxiety, destructive behaviour, unable to grasp toilet training) and they are all from people who crated their puppies. I know many will think 'well, they just did it wrong'. But I dislike locking a dog in a cage for hours, especially over-night. No issue if they are used as a den and the door left open. But they seem to do more harm than good in most cases. People crate instead of train. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I would not bring a puppy (or any other dog) into MY 12-year old dog's residence.  My dog is somewhat territorial, but he would NOT want to share my attention with another dog.

    If you have to ask strangers what to do, don't get a second dog.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You can start with the information in the above sites & take it further if you need to.

  • keerok
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    4 weeks ago

    Bad idea.      .

  • *****
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    4 weeks ago

    13 year old large breed or small breed? Well-socialized with other dogs? 

    If this is a 13 year old larger breed nearing the end of his life that has not recently been around a puppy and enjoyed it, this isn't a great idea. Let him enjoy the final months or years of his life without being endlessly harassed by a puppy. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Does your older dog get along with other dogs? Would there be separate places for the dogs in your house? Would the older dog get the chance to meet the puppy before he comes to your house? Is your dog quite territorial or friendly to others? These are just a few things to consider before you bring in another dog. I really hope it works out well! Try seeing if you can put their beds in different rooms so that they have some personal space while they adjust to each other! 

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