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How could he do that? ?

Before this guy and I started dating, he would send me streaks on snap “morning” with a heart. We ended up dating and now we are broken up for about two months. We tried to make it work a couple of times but keep failing. We’re still snapping now and he sent me that kind of snap again. I’m annoyed because I know he sent that to other girls too. Am I other girls to him? I have history with him. Also how could he still talk to me and be talking to other girls and sending them those ****?? I’m hurt

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    4 weeks ago

    Block already......

  • 1st thing if you know he date other girls as well, you should leave him he don't deserve your love because he is not sincere with you. next about his texts you can just block him from your phone fb and stuff so he don't bother you again. hopefully when he don't get any answers from you he will stop texting. and if he spams you, you can just have 1 to 1 chat and deal with him. and tell him straight you don't want any relationship with him so stop messaging and stuff on call or on chat do that.

    hopefully, your problem gets resolved.

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