Is Wokeism just a passing political fad?

I can't see it lasting more than a generation or so.  The next generation is going to want to lighten up and not be such dour, fanatical puritans.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I think so. It would make sense, though Wokism doesn't make sense to get to where it got as much as it did. Woke people seem to have no clue how insulting they are, how easily manipulated they are. And I can't say they don't ever have any pride, they don't subjugate themselves in their minds as though they accept being slaves. But they will purposely ruin someone's life on a rumor. And once they attract all the people who never can see the harm they do, they should find a whole lot more who are very angry with them. The enemy of the Woke are people they victimized over the years. This is actually a message for the entire Democratic Party, and a warning for others so they don't pick up the habit of being damaging to people, then expecting to win elections.

    "How popular are you going to be", Jordan Peterson "if you tell people they are stupid & wrong?

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