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When the police department decided not to charge the officer who shot and killed an unarmed John Albers did liberals have mass protests?

How many athletes expressed outrage? Did liberals here go on a rampage? Did the left call for the police to be abolished? Did Mark Jones of ESPN saying anything about White folks being shot?


Why should I? You all never do that when a black person is shot. 

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    Police were called because family thought Albers was suicidal.  Policeman who killed him said his life was threatened.  Suicide by police has been done many times before.  Whether black or white, police officers have the very worst job and they make decisions in a snap second to save their lives and lives of others.  Police Officers make many mistakes, but they also save many lives.  Just showing up makes the criminals run.

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    1 month ago

    You've got some work to do to establish that he was killed over the color of his skin.  Convince us that he was killed for being white, and you'll then have a compelling argument.

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