Why weren’t Pierce Brosnan & Halle Berry in Casino Royale?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I guess it's because the producers decided to reboot the franchise with a new actor who was more fitting as Bond in their eyes, and they elected to drop the Jynx character in the process. I honestly think this was a sad decision, because I personally think that Pierce Brosnan fit the Bond character way more than Daniel Craig ever could. But maybe that's just me..

  • User
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    3 weeks ago

    Pierce Brosnan was 14 at the time

    and Halle Berry was one year old.

  • 3 weeks ago

    No one really cares.. They are not the only actors looking for work.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Because it was a reboot that went back to the source material, which was a series of books?

    What makes it really funny and puts it over the top is the fact Pierce Brosnan is literally illiterate. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    casino royale? 

    that was a b&w before their time. brosnan was a bouncy little boy in shorts and berry a squeezy little girl clinging to mommy.

    thats from the way back machine.

    if you think "nomads" from the 80s that was the brosnan debut. berry? ninties.

    they were finally old enough to act then.

    casino royale? 1950s? 1930s? really old.

    it was even before "wizard of oz"!

    remember that old occult film?


  • 3 weeks ago

    They needed better and believable actors for that action and drama movie.  Pierce was not right as he was too weak, and Berry just is not talented enough. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Both had their day. Connery tried hard to drop out as Bond, but got suckered in to do "Diamonds are Forever" and "Never say Never, Again". Moore was getting Too Old..

    Rumor has it  that Connery told Broccoli and Saltzman; "Never Again!". They said: "Never say 'never'.."

    I Personally thought Brosnan   and Holt resembled the Bond in the book the very best. Boyish, black hair, grey eyes.

    KJ you Idiot, the original CR was 1967, Color, Had  David Niven in it  (who was mentioned By Name by Fleming in "You Only Live Twice") as well as  Ursula Andress ( From "Dr. No"). Orson Welles, Peter Sellers,  Woody Allen.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    they couldn't retain poker faces during the audition

  • Nick
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    4 weeks ago

    If you mean the 1967 film: Halle Berry wasn't born yet and it would be remarkably prescient to cast Pierce Brosnan.

    If you mean the 2006 film: Why would they be? Did all the other past Bonds and Bond girls have cameos and I didn't notice?

  • 4 weeks ago

    The mindset of studios and critics alike were shifting in the post-9/11 world, and the producers felt that the champagne-sipping, supermodel-bedding "pretty boy" Bond had become outdated.  With so much of the world focused on the War on Terror, fanciful stories about super villains bent on global dominance seemed out of touch, if not in bad taste.

    "Casino Royale" was chosen specifically because it was the first James Bond novel and thus represented a complete "reboot" of the franchise in an entirely different, grittier direction.  Think about how the movie began with Bond completing an assassination assignment, killing an unarmed man...and how it ended with him standing coldly over a man that he had just crippled with a bullet to the knee.... Think Brosnan could have pulled that off?

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