In-ear headphones. Sony headphones ier m7/m9?

Is this worth the price.

Only in-ear headphones I am willing to consider IS SONY:

IER-H500 $50+ (cheap enough, but discontinued. Same problem I'm having now. Would need to buy at least 10 pairs) 


IER-M7 @ $500+

IER-M9 @ $1000 

(Replaceable cables, foreseen never being discontinued because of commercial use worldwide)

I care about sound quality. Next comfort then looks.


BOSE in-ear headphones has been discontinued since 2015. I can't find it new anywhere. $100. (just opened last pair) (most comfortable ear-tips, HATE circular plugs) 

Getting tired of buying new headphones because of worn-erodded cables. 

(sweat, dry rotted within 1 year, about 2 years max usage before cable housing is completely gone) (sweat is highly acid. Eyeglasses erosion, rubber-elastic waistband dry rot within a year... Same with watches metal-band rusts, rubber snaps...) 


Sony has better sound.

Bose is more comfortable

Won't buy Bluetooth because of battery. Must be maintained. As lso would need 2 pair for day. (against true wireless, NEVER) 

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  • bill
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    I stopped using cabled in-ear headphones  because of clumsy  cables while walking and the swinging back and forth wore out the connections at flac player and  earphone causing static and cut outs.

    Now using 1More true  wireless 5 hour battery with charging case for a few more charges.

    Great for HD sound.

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