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Does "social justice" institutionalize injustice against innocent individuals, due to the color of their skin, sex, or bank accounts?

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  • Sergio
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    3 weeks ago
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    When the communists saw that the workers preferred their little house and their little car won in capitalism, the members of their revolution were drastically diminished. So they went to summon minorities, outcasts, perverts, everyone who is easy to teach with hatred. Instead of telling blacks in the US that it is a shame that so many are on drugs and crime lies to them that they are victims.

    In short, for more than a century they have wanted to destroy democracy in capitalism.

    I see little defense of the social vigilantes in this question, they are not interested in debating, the best thing for them is to censor or disable the other accusing him of being Nazi, fascist, macho, hetero-patriarchal, homophobic in order to end the discussion.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I'll wait for a reply from Kaepernick and Lebron

  • 3 weeks ago

    Justice is Justice.  It doesn't call for a skin color, a bank account or whether male or female.  Law & Order is what we need so we can pursue happiness, freedom (liberty) and Life.

  • L
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    3 weeks ago

    Innocent people do NOT get convicted of crimes and it has NOTHING to do with race, sex or money!  ANY race can commit a crime.

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  • Envy is the hatred of someone who has something better than what you have. It's a base emotion, which Marxism plays upon to make converts, organize the gullible, cause chaos, topple governments, and, eventually, establish communist regimes that end up killing millions of people. That's what's going on in the United States, now. Trump is, if anything, not taking it seriously enough.

  • 3 weeks ago

    This is not totally new, but the context is different. The real issue here is power, who has it, and who hasn't. For too long, power has been in the hands of a few and this has manifested itself in a racial caste system, control of capital and who has the ability to access it, and the ability to use the levers of government to assure the 1% and their apologists (actually 5%) stay in control. In short, the playing field has not been level. However, blaming other members of the 95% for the ills of society is a dog chasing its tail. 

    Political economist Gar Alperovitz says that in most elections, ideas don't matter all that much (the focus is on what the representatives can do for our corner of the universe, not so much "big" ideas), but when they do matter...I believe we are entering a cycle such as that now, but it is still quite early. It may be painfully played out, but don't be too surprised that it blends what seem to be contradictory perspectives.

    The shear size of the USA, in both land mass and population, makes it difficult to do things from the top-down (Russia is an example of just such a country trying to do just that with power highly centralized in Moscow) and encourage maximum participation. We also have large areas of the country suffering economic dislocations due to automation, climate change, trade policies and on and on. Some places suffer worse than others, but no one is immune. We may begin to see increased experimentation with novel ground-up economic development using cooperativist models, Artificial Intelligence, and broadened community ownership ("since Washington and the state capital are useless, we will do it ourselves!").

    In exchange for this decentralization, communities would have to agree to certain stipulations one of which would require maximum possible participation by people within the decentralized area with inclusion for cultural and ethnic minorities, the working poor and others historically denied a seat at the table. Some actions will be decentralized to local and regional levels, the really big stuff goes to Washington which would be involved in setting minimal benchmarks and facilitating technical assistance. 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    injustice is the injustice of leaving me, your fellow citizen to rot, after being robbed by the criminal bandits of the greedy medical system. you all shouldve been sending me cash to replenish my coffers.

    but no, instead your yelping about how "hard" it is as you greedily steal from everybody undr the guise "your being attacked on your skin color".

    your story leaves a big glaring hole, you leave others to rot, you dont care about your country or your own people.

    you sell lies, oh greedy one, you dont give one flying shiit about anyone else except about your piddly little self.

    At one dollar from each person in this country my woes of being robbed would soon be over, mine yours and everyone elses too, but no unclenching your spincter on that roll shoved up your anus is just a little bit beyond your ungenerous clinging soul.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes. The "new" prejustice. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Yes, it decides that some are worth giving something for nothing based on their skin tone. It ignores the criminality, lawlessness, poor decision makers of these communities, pretending all is down to race not generation on generation baby mamas and feral kids. Poor attitudes to education, authority or work.

    Easier to claim racism than tell the ‘victims; to get their **** together. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes it does !  

    "Social Justice" is a Political Correctness word that the DEM's / Libs used so they can:

    1) Make some Groups feel bad , disenfranchised, and like they are Victims of some thing!

    2) Oppress other Groups that either Work Real Hard, successful, Rich, Smart, or Lucky....

    This is a planned Hostile Take Over of America and her Constitution by the DEMs (Socialist Communist) !

    In Short in America you are "FREE" ! Free to Succeed and "FREE" to Fail as you See Fit! DEM's want to use Racism so they can get Unconstitutional Powers !

    Go Utube: "Types of Governments Explained"  That will remind you why America has the greatest form of Government ! Then you should stop letting the Media and DEMs make you so Racist and accept that people who do not do well in life did not do the work required to do so and don't expect everyone to be the same ...


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