How do I deal with life stories?

It occurred to me that if my books are published and I’m famous that people are going to seek me out for interviews - I am not sure what I should disclose to the world if I become a public figure - I already have four celebrities in my family though they are famous in China and not North America and I have 9 professors in my family where the average iq in my family and extended family is 145 so haters - don’t mock somebody you don’t know!!! - for the rest of you - how would I tell my story if I achieve celebratory status? 

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Here's a funny thing, I know f uck all about Stephen King other than what he's told everyone.  Nobody cares enough about him to do an investigative report on whether he was a bully at school or if his sister failed to make payments on her car.  He's a writer.  Tell them what you want them to know.

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