Should i go to medical school?

I am a 26 year old male who is going into final year of family nurse practitioner program. Been a nurse for 5 years. I have been debating recently about going into med school. This thought wont go away. I have a 3.91 GPA, but haven't taken the mcat nor some prerequisites. If you were in my shoes, would you?

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    Your story doesn't add up.  You've been a nurse for 5 years and you're in your final of NP school and you'e 26?  OK, lets just assume you sped through all that much faster than other people do, how much student loan debt do you have?  Wanting to be a doctor is great but if you've racked up tens of thousands of dollars to be an NP I do think it would be quite silly to go back to undergrad to take the prereqs you need for med school while studying for the MCAT.  You won't finish med school until you're 32, knee deep in debt and still have to do at LEAST 3 years of residency before you ever start making decent money.

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    We really need nurses, especially nurse-practitioners, so earning that qualification and then throwing it away for medical school doesn't strike me as great idea.

    At the very least, work as a nurse-practitioner for several years before making a decision about med school. Plenty of people enter med school in their 30s.  Moreover, yes, you'd have to complete all of the pre-med classes, and you may not want to add yet another 1-2 years of school and loans to your burden.

    I have a fabulous nurse-practitioner, who in many ways has been better than most doctors I've seen. She handles all of my primary care, and I am hugely grateful for her existence.  Please work in the field for a while before you decide to give it up.  You may find that you are fully gratified by your job and your patients. Don't make any hasty decisions.

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    You say you "_have_ a 3.91 GPA," but it's your undergraduate GPA, not your GPA in your NP program, that the medical schools will analyze, in addition to your grades in the prerequisites. What was your undergraduate GPA? If it wasn't at least a 3.5, you can kiss medical school (including most DO programs) goodbye. 

    Also consider that even if you score well enough on the MCAT, medical school prerequisite classes may "expire" after a certain number of years (specific to particular medical schools, but often no more than ten years prior to the date of application). Some medical schools will relax this if you've been working in the field; others do not. So check the medical schools to which you are thinking of applying, to determine the extent of prerequisites you still need to take. 

    Also consider why you applied to the NP program instead of medical school in the first place? Because you ask what I would do in your shoes, but if it were me, and I had practiced nursing for some years and wasn't satisfied, I would have taken my remaining prereq.s and the MCAT and applied to medical school at *that* point, not gone to NP school. 

    And if the reason was you didn't qualify for medical school because your undergraduate GPA was too low, well, your undergraduate GPA hasn't change by virtue of your going to graduate school. It would have to be high enough to keep your application out of the trash (3.5 or so), for medical schools to look beyond it to consider your prerequisite grades and graduate record. 

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    I suggest you finish your current program, get a job as an NP, and work for a couple of years while you try to go back to get the undergrad prerequisite classes you'll need and study for and take the MCAT.  If you are still dissatisfied with your current career path and feel confident that you want to pursue an MD, you can do it at that point. 

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    Think about your career goals: are you passionate about an area of medicine that you would be better able to serve as a doctor rather than a nurse practitioner? What about the change to your life (personally and professionally) if you were to decide to go to medical school? 

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    Questions for you to answer:

    1) What is the reason you want to be a doctor?

    2) Would you earn more money as a new doctor as compared to an experienced nurse?

    3) Are you willing to put in the hours required??

    The daugter of an acquaintance is a PA. When asked why she doesn't just go to medical school to get the degree, her response was: 'WHY? I earn as much money as a doctor, but without the headache and responsibility.'

    That's good food for thought.

    But if in the end, medical schol still gnaws at you, then you should go to medical school.

    Best wishes.

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    Yes, I would.  I refuse to see NP's or PA's.  I make a Drs appointment to see the DR.  

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