What is waiver?

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    The process by which a player to be removed from a roster is made available to other teams.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    A waiver is an instrument that waives something, sets something aside or dismisses something, like a requirement, a rule, a claim, a fee, a debt or whatever. 

    Say there's a league rule in a sport that says the ball can only be touched by a player's foot, but there's a particular player who was recently lost his right foot in a car accident and now uses a prosthetic-- that player might apply to the league for a waiver of the rule that the ball can only be touched by a player's foot, an instrument that would waive that rule for that player and allow that player to touch the ball with his or her prosthetic in lieu of the right foot he no longer has.

    Another example would be if there's a $100 application fee for a university, but an applicant is extremely poor and can't afford $100, then that applicant might submit a waiver request to have the fee waived based on financial hardship. The university then would review that waiver request, and if finding it has merit, grant the applicant a waiver, an instrument that would make it so that that applicant would not have to pay the $100 application fee, make it so that the $100 application fee would be waived for that applicant.

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