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What will future technology be like?

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    1) 3D printing is upgraded so it can possibly print out artificial organs for patients that needs them. Even if it’s only viable as a temporary measure, it might still at least buy time for those that needs a real one.

    2) Holographic technology has improved enough that it can cost effectively be placed into our everyday products.

    3) Star Trek style replicator that can mass produce food at a affordable cost and be bundled in a tiny package for easy shipment. This is ideal for those that lives in a remote rural area where accessible to food is limited.

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    As a Christian, I believe Revelation talks about the future.  Its all just about better cell phones and more comfortable shoes until then.  Electric cars, more efficient light bulbs, and stronger/softer toilet paper...until you die and meet God.

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    About one hundred years beyond 

    anything that anyone can possibly think of. 

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    It's rather hard to predict. However, this question is way too general and definitely in the wrong section.  It's a good thing that you're anonymous, otherwise, we'd all laugh when we see your questions.

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    Pretty much the same except it will have more lights, clocks, and Bluetooth. 

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