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are we raising a generation of damaged dogs, who have been crated for half their lives?

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    You are?  Well, someone's got to do it, why not you.  Sucks.

    ADDED> Looks like I completely misunderstood your statement.  I smarted off because I did not see a question.  I think crates should only be for transport & not a place to be jailed in.  Too much damage is done to the dog by using crates.  Crates are for people who abuse their dogs by using them.  Throw away crates & only use them for transporting the animals.  What did they do with dogs 100 yrs ago.  Dogs were actually trained, now days people just stay ignorant about dogs & don't bother to learn a damned thing.  & the dogs suffer.

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    i'm sure there were people lacking "intelligence" before and now...

    I'm old-er lol and was born in a country where there was not such thing as crates or commercial dog food..etc.  And yes lots of dogs did a "job", herding, guarding livestock...etc....

    but there was also the other side, where dogs would breed, whether by help of humans or not, and run rampaged on the streets and die of disease and eh...i dont feel like one is better then the other.  

    i have personally not seen a dog crated for an insane amount of time.

    Yes we used a crate with my dog when he was a pup.  It was roomy, i never used it for was a life saver when i would need to run out and when we would travel, or when we had people over.  

    Housebreaking with a lot easier and eventually we stopped using it, unless for trips

    my dog hasnt been crated for 11+ years...but it was a useful tool when he was younger

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    In MY opinion too many dogs are crated for too long and many dogs do not get enough exercise or mental stimulation, crated or not.

    Dog ownership has escalated over the last few decades and people get dogs for the wrong reasons, and often get the wrong breed of dog that should fit into their lifestyle.

    IMO the laws on dog ownership are not as tough as they should be and many dogs are suffering because of it. 

    This is one reason why so many dogs end up in rescue kennels.

    So to answer to your question, there is no doubt that many dogs are being damaged mentally by ignorant owners who keep them crated for hours on end, but also many are living happy and fulfilled lives with owners that know how to treat a dog properly.

    Not so long ago there was no such thing as a crate for dogs and owners would partition off a corner of a room for pup to be safe in. When toilet trained the pup would be allowed free run of the house (more or less). And of course dog ownership was  far less 3 decades ago than it is now. 

    There is no reason at all to keep a dog locked in a crate, which must be extremely claustrophobic for  the dog, for more than a few hours at any one time and for its own safety. NOT because the owner finds the dog a nuisance being loose around the house, which is often the case. JMO.  


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    Some are, though mine do not have dog cages, never have, and never will:

    Cos i do not believe in caging my best friends.

    Besides all that. They cant protect or drive and herd my sheep from the inside of a cage really can they....

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    I don't know about raising a generation of damaged dogs, but there's no doubt crates are NOT being used as they were intended to be used, by far too many people.    I never saw a crate before we left the UK in the early 1970s for Canada where, because they don't have benched shows, in general, crates were being used.   They seemed a sensible idea for that, so we bought our first.

    We never used them to house-train and never would.    We had a puppy pen for those puppies we bred and kept.  Since those days, we use crates to keep puppies safe (we no longer breed so this is about the two buy in puppies we have since had) and out of mischief, for car travel/hotel rooms, and for recovering or injured patients.

    My dogs are not 'damaged' by our crate use, but I fear you may be right as obviously far too many are spending far too long in a crate.

    ps   Thanks for the 2 ( so far) TDs although I'd love to know why when my answer is based on MY EXPERIENCE and my observation re crate use.

  • Amber
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    I think in most cases, yes. Read questions on here and on dogs forums about dogs having problems with learning to toilet train (pee pads and crates are always involved). Dogs having separation anxiety, whining, barking, resource guarding, destructive tendencies, anti social behaviour (because they get put in the crate when people come over so learn no social skills); the list goes on and I see the dog is "crate trained". I think people crate their dogs instead of training them. 

    Yes, in the wild dogs live in dens. DENS. Not cages that they get locked in for hours, sometimes even over night, where there isn't enough space. Dogs, like horses, don't like feeling trapped somewhere with no escape. Some can and do adjust but many don't. To me it's a lazy man's tool, especially when it comes to puppies; same with pee pads. We managed for years to bring up puppies without locking them in crates so why start now? 

    I know crating is popular in the U.S but where I live it's not a very popular thing to do to a dog. A doggy pen with good space to it, yes. I've seen so many people get the wrong size crate for their dog, the poor thing can't even turn around without a struggle, some not at all. I don't like the idea that if my dog has an accident in the night they are stuck with it until the morning. If they pee, poo or even vomit they have to lay in it all night. Most dogs wont pee, poo or vomit in their beds if they can help it. What other people choose to do it up to them. I don't see the point on getting a pet to just crate it when they're presence becomes inconvenient. 

  • Taylor
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    Yes, but more dogs are being placed with good owners than ever before and spared such crating or being put to death.   We can do better but we are moving in the right direction.  

    I think it’s relatively simple:

    Don’t buy a dog on on whim.  

    Don’t buy a dog for someone else who may not want a dog.  

    If you get a dog, take it as seriously as adopting a kid.  Love it, take it out to play, don’t confine it to a crate most of the time. (Though crates have their place).   

    Consider getting a rescue dog or similar.  Think carefully about buying pet store dogs.   

  • Anonymous
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    No, "we" aren't.

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