why did the government stop the view point of creation being taught in education 40% of the people in America has this view ?

and were not allow to talk about it in the public square

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  • 1 month ago

    You really want the government promoting religious views?

    Which religion would you want taught in public schools?

    And if you say Christian, which Christian view point?

    There are many and their views vary widely.

  • Troy
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    They didn't. They simply made it legal to teach the theory that the earth was created over billions of years and humans were created through the process of evolution over millions of years. 

    They are still allowed to teach competing theories. There is no 40% of the population that believes the Earth is 5-7 thousand years old. It just is such nonsense. Do you really think people in the agricultural Midwest, the Bible belt, grow crops and raise livestock, drill for oil, study soil composition, rock formation, whether cycles, insect mutation and insecticides, plant biology, genetic plant modification and on and on, but they don't understand how the earth was made. 

    There are still many that believe the earth was made by God in an instant, but that in the cosmic universe of elastic space and time took 4 1/2 billion cycles around the sun. Often they just accept that concept of cosmic dimensional elasticity is over their heads and assume that Moses version of events was a description intended to share his vision from God with the people of the time. 

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