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Monogamous relationship with hpv ?

I am a 22 yo female that was recently diagnosed with human papillomavirus. The results of HPV 16 and 18 were negative, but I was positive for another strain of the virus. A less aggressive and dangerous one but still have a low risk positive diagnostic. Most likely my current partner (which I am and plan to be with many years to come) is infected with the same virus as me. my doctor did not recommended any treatment since the bodies immune system does its own job clearing it. My question is, can I have sex with him without protection or would I have to use condoms until the virus is dissipated or cleared out? Can we share the virus back and fort between us or is it not possible since is the same type? How much time does the virus takes to cleared out of my system? 

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    Actually, what ur doctor said is sorta wrong. Theres no possible way to determine for someone whether the virus will clear itself, thats why many doctors tell patients theyll have it for life. Yeah, the immune system does its job but not always thats why theres many people with HPV. The virus can clear itself in,,,,,, we dont know but theres been cases up to 2 years. We cant tell when the virus will be cleared, its like asking us when you got the virus... we dont know. the virus will most likely stay with you for life, also, theres no way to determine whether ur bf has the same type, theres no proven study for it, just relax and take it easy. Many people have the virus and dont even know about it.

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    These are questions you need to ask your physician and wear a condom. You don't know if u will be your partner for lifetime until you and him agreed together to get married

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