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Hair help! Color gone Wrong!!!?

Hello, I recently dyed my hair a while back and decided to go for a silver hair dye. I dyed my hair silver last night and since some of the blonds weren't all even now it looks like a complete mess. I have a date tonight and I do not want to look like this. does anyone know a color or hair dye super strong that can go over this hair dye? I just want my hair to look one complete color instead of multiple gray is going on. Anything but black.

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    Since you have already dyed your hair twice, you must be very careful what you do next in order to avoid a catastrophe--please don't rely on the advice of random strangers!

    Instead, talk to an expert in the dye company that your normally use.  There should be a customer service number on the dye box, or you can find one on their website.

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