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which percentage of people in the U.K. now think that Covid19 pandemic is mostly a hoax/ruse to control the masses? and ruin economy?

saw a huge rally in London and i think this is the second one since last weekend? of 10000s of people holding up signs saying that that Covid19 is a hoax and etc. is this sentiment more popular now than ever?  why? since when became apparent?

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    They're not saying it's a hoax, they're saying the cure is worse than the disease. This graph shows cases are rising but deaths aren't. More people are dying from heart disease, cancer, dementia, stroke, diabetes, influenza, suicide and other causes than covid.

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    Unless you Actually know someone who 

    has had the coronavirus or had the 

    Coronavirus yourself, all you have is the 

    media's word that it exists, and we all know 

    that the media sometimes tell lies.The Coronavirus is all Fake !, Invented by world leaders just to 'accelerate' the 1984 Novel where all humans are told what and when to do everything and thinking is regulated (thought police), So enjoy the sh*t future everyone

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    Apparently 10,000 people turned up to protest in London, on a number of issues, including the possibility of Covid-19 being a hoax, covid-19 being the same as Flu, anti establishment protesters, anti vaccinationers and all sorts of other people that are fed up with wearing face masks in Public area's.

    I would imagine the percentage of people in the UK that truly believe that Covid is a hoax is less than 1%.  My advice for people that believe that Covid is similar to Flu,would be to volunteer their help on a Covid Hospital Ward, without PPE.

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    About 0.1000% they are not that stupid.

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    If you were going to hoax a virus, why hoax this one? Why not Ebola or Hantavirus? Why would governments want to ruin their own economies ... they do that and they lose power at the next election!

    Like most conspiracy theories, if you think about them using more than one neuron, they have massive obvious gaping holes that make no sense.

    Just to respond to some other answers ... the number of cases is rising in younger age groups. Since they are younger, they aren't dying. Hence we see a rise in cases but not deaths. Unfortunately now in the UK, you are starting to see a rise in deaths in older people as the virus spreads.

    I'll be going back onto a Covid-19 ICU ward on Monday, having spent 3 months reassigned to one previously. This virus is not flu and I really wish people would stop saying such BS. This virus kills more people and is more infectious than flu and anyone who suggests something different is either lying to you or doesn't have a notion what they're talking about. 

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    If you are stupid enough to think that C-19 is a hoax,then you should go with it. Because no manner of facts or information can changer the mindset of those weighed down by hoax dogmas.Life is full of hoaxes that are design to influence the gullible.

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    1 month ago

    So you're unaware in most countries the people ARE fed up and protesting!

    Covid 19 is the ultimate excuse for unleashing the unacceptable! Example: surveillance & snitching. Culling protests! Pacifying the masses, by keeping them isolated, and divided. 

    As for the covid 19 vaccine, if the company flogging it wants indemnity from the government upfront, it DOESN'T inspire confidence from the recipient! And being threatened by law to uptake it, smacks of INTIMIDATION.

    A good leader would have reacted instantly! Frog marched those suspected of being sick off into quarantine! Not buried his head in the sand! Thereby placing the March of money above health of the populace! Fighting disease ISN'T like fighting "war on terror". Can't hide the truth by fudging or employing the very same tactics. 

    By not accepting accountability, the case for doing away with cash, in the name fighting covid 19, of course, is trumpeted 🎺. 

    In the aftermath of the debacle of the too big to fail 2008, those in power wrung their hands, if ONLY, all lolly was digital!

    They could make their policy work! 

    By giving to the too big to fall to keep rewarding them for their "accomplishments" by taking from the working stiffs! If the pesky working stiffs dared to protest they would be denied access to their own money ! 

    Cash = choice & independence.

    Digital = marching to the diktat of the powerful!

    Boris certainly mastered the art of keeping people safe! So much so he exposed himself primarily so his esteemed lordship could keep others safe and sound! Yeah right!How are the number of dead composed? The definition?Those WHO are artful aren't too choosy! So what if the death occurred due to some other incidence! Far better too hit the global headlines as the 5th largest country in terms of body count!As for Boris now he wants to "lead" to predict other forthcoming pandemics! Dah! Did he by chance pick up ESP from the covid 19? Isn't it strange the MP' who needed £10,000 to work from home, seldom offered any help whatsoever when their constituents asked! When asked about how to stay safe when forced to return to work whilst suffering from an ailment that could potentially kill exacerbated by covid 19, their reply "don't know! Can't help". When hassled by the school to prove a key line worker, again the MP couldn't even bother to reply to his email! Until the following month even those who didn't represent the constituency were emailed. They replied promptly, stating as they didn't represent they couldn't....The MP who actually did represent finally embarrassed into action lamely replied! Seriously unimpressive!Whilst normal workers working from home have been asked to fork out for their own iphone, ipad to execute their work on the employers behalf! The expenses incurred to i.e. the accoutrements needed to produce the final output, are paid in arrears, assuming there is someone to calculate and reimburse them, always assuming the customers are actually paying for services rendered. Since they are not, mass layoffs have occurred! Work load has tripled, pay has halved! But the MP' collectively (irrespective of which ever party they claim to be aligned to) are going a good job? Let's wait and see how many of those overpaid journalists who promoted good old Boris into his illustrious position survive! Receiving emails offering cut price subscriptions seriously smacks of desperation!Economy doing well?

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    1 month ago

    Most of the protesters are against the lockdown restrictions- for what is no different to flu and they don't lockdown for that. Many people are now seeing this as tyranny and a way to control the population.

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    1 month ago

    No idea but 99.999% of them are right-wing

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    People are stupid. They see a video on YouTube or a post on Facebook spouting ridiculous conspiracy theories and they believe it. This crap is mainstream now. The human race is eventually going to become extinct because no one can agree on what the truth is. Disinformation is a dangerous thing

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