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What are your thoughts about this mother?

She had a very abusive home life. Her parents were physically, emotionally and psychologically abusive towards her and then, choosing not to model their behavior, she raises her child in a loving home, yet her child treats her horribly and tried to kill her.



No, I didn't say that. I just said that that evil child tried to harm her own mother despite being raised by a loving mother who already came from such evil parents. The girl made her own choices, as did her wicked grandparents.

The mother nonetheless chose to do good and to be good despite all the evil that she's dealt with.

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    My thoughts about this mother are that she should reach out and get support for herself coming from a physically, emotionally and psychologically abusive home life and that she needs to reach out for help to deal with her child who treats her horribly and tried to kill her. 

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    It is possible, but not certain that she may be lying about the child. The child is her responsibility therefore blaming a child is usually a red flag to her own abusive behaviour and an actual "discard" phase, in order to perhaps cover up her own abuse. I would say there's more to the story. 

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    I am a mother just like this. I was abused emotionally and physically by my mother and brother. I swore I would never treat my children like that. And I didn't. I made mistakes, but I tried really hard to be a good mother. I gave the kids everything I never had as a kid. (not just materially, but support and loyalty when anyone thought they could bully them/mistreat them) Of course, my mistake was having a misogynistic butthead for a husband who treated me like absolute crap - and the kids grew up watching me being treated with no respect. How could I blame them  when they saw their father treating me like this - and my own mother stepping in and reaffirming his treatment by doing the same? One of my kids assaulted me as well when she was 21. I was hurt badly enough to have to take 4 weeks off work. I 'made up' with my daughter and life went on. Years later the assault came up. She looked me in the eye and denied it ever happened! I didn't expect an 'apology', but what hurt the most was that couldn't even voice a regret for what she did. I haven't seen this daughter for 10 years now. I appreciate she treated me by the way she saw me being treated all her life - but in the end, you have to stand up and face/be accountable for your own actions without hiding behind excuses! Chrysa - please don't take to heart what these other people are saying. Some people are like that - if they haven't experienced it themselves, it just 'didn't happen' and so they call you names. What has happened to this mother is so lousy - but look at it this way - these events have made her stronger. The people - including the daughter who treated her so badly have their own demons to answer to. Let it go - these people have chosen to be like that - don't let them get you down. Remove yourself from them and live a happy life. Not just because you deserve/have earned it - but if anything - to annoy the hell out of them! They don't want you to be happy - BE HAPPY!

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    My thought is that her life...if this person actually exists...has been very unfortunate and disappointing so far. What kind of thoughts are you looking for?

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    the kid might be possessed of demons...SOUNDS LIKE THE MOM IS TRYING..HOW OLD IS THE KID? SPANKING IS VERY NEEDED PLUS GROUNDING ETC..DID U EVER TAKE the child to sunday school??

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    My thoughts are that you are a troll, seeking validation from tearing others down instead of focusing on anything positive or constructive.

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    Maybe she over compensated for her parents.  

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