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How to become a person who enjoys clubs?

Firstly, I'm from a province where the Covid numbers are in the double digits and a city with zero cases, so don't worry about that.

I'm 20 years old, and I'm trying to condition myself to like or at least tolerate clubs. I keep intending to go to clubs on Friday night, but it never happens. Here's some problems and solutions. If anyone has anything to add, please do so.

1)Often on Friday nights, I go home to my parents, who live 90 minutes away and give me an opportunity to meaningfully socialize in a way that is enjoyable and comfortable for me. Going to a club so loud that I can't hear myself think offers a chance at shallow, meaningless interaction in an unenjoyable and umcomfortable situation. Solution: I don't really know, because I obviously can't stop visiting my parents so I become so lonely that clubs seem more attractive. Plus, I have friends so it wouldn't even work.

2) Even if I stay at my place, by ten I'm tired and just want to read and browse the internet for an hour and then go to bed. I don't feel like putting on makeup and socializing. Solution: at 9pm, put on your makeup and strip all the bedding off your bed.

3) Finding a partner at a club seems difficult and unlikely, and I don't even care that much about finding a partner. I have other goals and don't really care about sex at all. Solution: keep a picture of my ex under my sheets so I'll see it and remember how much I hate him and want to be the first of us to move on every Friday night at 9pm.

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    It sounds to me that clubs do not fit your personality.  I perfer a nice bar with pleasant conversation than a loud obnoxious dance club with overpriced drinks and crappy music.

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