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Why do Atheists like to compare the idea of God to something completely absurd like a tooth fairy? ?

I just think atheists are somewhat spiteful even when the word, “God”, is mentioned. They compare the chances of something that could very well exist and something that’s not irrational to assume exists to something completely irrational and unlikely like a “unicorn” or a “tooth fairy”. 

And don’t say the existence of God has no evidence as assuming God exists, it would be irrational to assume that a being that is outside the laws of physics can be tested by the scientific method. 

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    It's an appeal to ridicule.  Atheists have neither logic nor evidence to shore up their fantasy that there is no God.

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    Lets see.

    You Parents tell you about God and The Tooth Fairy

    God and The Tooth Fairy have similar amounts of Evidence

    God and The Tooth Fairy both cease to be believable once you reach 7 years of age.

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    Most likely because they both have the exact same amount of evidence...... NONE.

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    4 weeks ago

    One track minds

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    It would appear to be an exercise in self justification. No one has to obey the rules of a mythological entity, i.e. one that is not real and therefore there is no reason why anyone should feel scared or guilty about disobedience. You will have noted that many of them have the "It's not fair" mentality in terms of why they should be punished for doing their thing in life. This indicates that there is something more than just unbelief going on with many since that issue wouldn't arise at all if they were 100% certain. The general rule in life is that if you are not sure about something you shouldn't be giving a definitive answer to it lest you face accusations of hypocrisy, fabrication or lying.

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    Correct. God has been known, experienced, and communicated with by hundreds of millions of intelligent people, which absolutely confirms His existence for any rational person, whether they have personally met Him or not.

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    Well, the point is that there is exactly as much empirical evidence for God as there is for the tooth fairy.

    Update:  Suggestions for thumbs-downers:  Step #1:  Go out and buy a dictionary.  Step #2:  Look up the word "empirical."

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    Your god fairy is equal to the Easter Bunny, equally childish and equally impossible.

    When are you idiots for Jeebus going to grow up?

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    If anything existed, even outside of the laws of physics, and had an effect on this universe, then it would be observable and/or testable.  If this thing had no effect on the universe in any testable way, it really doesn't matter if it exists or not. 

    However, God is claimed to have done many things that effect this world and would have left lasting, unmistakable evidence.  None of this evidence exists and everything that people claim is an action of God can be shown to be the result of natural causes.  It is completely irrational based on the evidence that anything like the Biblical god exists or has anything to do with reality.

    Simply, there is no difference in claiming "unicorns" or "fairies" did something and that God did it as there is a more likely natural reason for it.

  • There is enough evidence to have faith in God, they because of their irrational being are blinded to it.

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