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Is 'not fearing death' toxic masculinity?

I feel that people(men especially) who don't fear death or PRETEND that they don't fear death, are doing a disservice to themselves and others around them. That's why there is a culture of suicide, crime and unhealthy behavior in America.

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    I’m a male and I agree to an extent however I’m a “brainwashed male feminist” according to the likes of @Bill. We shouldn’t live in constant fear of death and must come to terms with it as soon as possible because you never know when your times up. But there’s a difference between taking every day as it comes and and irresponsible, reckless behaviour, especially ones that put others in danger however that would be an antisocial personality trait (which are not more prevalent in men). However reckless behaviour in itself is a male issue I wish to fix by changing the culture. Suicide, homicide, violence, competitive bullsh*t. I don’t want males to become feminine, I want them to be more responsible. 

    But you carry on hating, misandrist. 

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    Your mom is toxic masculinity 

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    it could be that

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    I don't fear death.  But I do fear dying.  

    Death will be like a deep sleep from which I never wake up.  So it will be hell, no heaven, no...nothing.

    But there are so many long lingering and painful ways to die, I don't take to torture very well.  And my hope is that I simply go to bed one evening and just never wake up.  My grandmother did that; so I know that's an option.  I just hope that turns out to be my option when the time comes.

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    Why should people fear death? The only reason to fear death is because of the fear of a lack of existence or the fear of a punishment. Otherwise, death is simply a point in which that may be deemed as a desirable thing or simply an end. It really comes down to your beliefs and your outlook. Personally, I find it a curious thing to no longer exist. For most of human history I didn't exist and after I'm gone I won't exist again. The question then is what is the value of the time in which you do exist. I don't know the answer to that question.  

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