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Who can describe this picture ?

Me & my mother decided to play a game using 10 words to describe this picture for $100 . Who can help me because I don't know anything about art lol.

implied Line ,line ,Shape ,Two-Dimensional ,Three-Dimensional ,Geometric Shapes ,Organic Shapes ,Biomorphic ,Picture Plane ,Figures ,positive Shapes  Ground/Negative Shapes , Mass  ,Volume, Closed Form ,Open Form  Implied Depth,Vertical Placement ,Perspective ,Linear Perspective ,Atmospheric (Aerial) Perspective ,Implied Motion ,Kinetic Art ,Value ,Chiaroscuro ,Implied Light,Local Color ,Achromatic Color ,Neutral Color ,Hue ,Shade ,Tint,Intensity ,Subtractive Color Mixtures ,Additive Color Mixtures ,Primary Hues ,Secondary Hues ,Tertiary Hues ,Cool Colors,Warm Colors,Color Scheme ,Monochromatic ,Analogous Color  ,Complementary Color ,Texture/Implied Texture  

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