How to find the magnitude and direction of the net electric force they will exert on the proton?

If two electrons are each 1.8x 10-10 m from a proton, as shown in Fig. 1.4.

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  • 1 month ago

    The vertical force = k*(1.602e-19)²/(1.8e-10)² * (sin65 + sin0) = 6.45e-9N

    The horizontal force = k*(1.602e-19)²/(1.8e-10)² * (cos65 + cos0) = 1.01e-8

    1.2e-8N at 32.5° <<<<

  • Vaman
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    1 month ago

    Top one we call e1 and that second one as e2. Let pe2 be along the x axis. distance is 1.8 units.

    The force of e2 on p will be pe2/1.8^2. That of e along x axis is pe1/1.8^2 cos 65. Along y axis is pe1/1.8^2 sin 65.  Force along x axis is Ex = pe1/1.8^2(1+cos 65). Along y isEy= pe1/1.8^2 sin 65. The magnitude M= sqrt(Ex^2+Ey^2)=pe1/1.8^2(1+cos 65)^2+sin 65^2)=pe1/1.8^2 (1+cos^2 65+2 cos 65+sin^2(65))=pe1/1.8^2 (1+1+2 cos 65)=2pe1/1.8^2 ( 1+cos 65). Direction M sin theta=pe1/1.8^2 sin 65. Now calculate theta. Replace 1.8 by 1.8*10^(-10). use electron and proton charge values.

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