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Can I use compound and polish on a car with worn paint?

I just bought a used car that looks pretty worn on the hood and roof; on the raised edges of the hood you can see a bit of the metal underneath but the rest is just a bit scuffed up.

I’ve heard that M07 to condition, then compound and polish by hand then wax is an option.

I’m not sure if the clear coat is still on or not, and with the paint wearing away I’m afraid that will have actually ruined the paint after doing the above. I just want to make it look better and protect it, too. Any advice?


Edit:  what is a good recommendation instead if polishing is a bad idea?  Just wax?  New clear coat on top of the old?  Don’t have enough money currently to take it into a body shop.

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    If the paint is worn to the point that you are seeing metal - then you would just be throwing away compound and polish (and elbow grease).

    If you can't afford to get it repainted, just drive it and get over it.

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    1 month ago

    Any good body or detail shop should have instruments to measure the thickness of remaining paint which guides them in how aggressive they can be in polishing.

    Gosh - nearly all cars made in recent years are clearcoat - - - it wasn't an improvement in car finishes, but a necessity when government environmental laws virtually outlawed traditional enamels and lacquers.  You've got to determine what finish you have:  original or respray?  clearcoat or not?  if clearcoat, is just the clear failing and the color coats below are OK - or are they failing as well?  

    If it's clearcoat and just that is failing, a shop can remove and respray the clear . . . . The kind of finish determines what you do to it:  you don't use anything abrasive on the clearcoat - you'll just scratch it - it requires one of the new polymer or ceramic  polishes . . . . If this is a fairly late-model car and you are seeing polish-through on sharp edges, it's probably from the previous owner doing it wrong and ruining the finish.

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    1 month ago

    Edit: no one really cares about what your car looks like. Everyone is more concerned about the imperfections on their own vehicles. If it's an older car I wouldnt bother repainting it. The only way to truly fix that is to repaint it. You can wax it so that it doesn't get much worse though.

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    1 month ago

    If you are seeing exposed metal it needs paint. Rubbing compound will make it worse in those areas.

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