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If you were 39, would you date and marry a woman aged 47? Is 8 years a huge age gap?

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    Doesn't matter what I'd do. It matters what the person in question wants.  Eight years isn't necessarily a huge difference, but a 47-yer-old woman probably isn't interested in starting a family.  IF the 39-y-o doesn't care about having kids, it could be great if the two have similar values, interests, and goals.  

    Are you both planning to work for another 20-25 years or is either one of your ready to start retirement in 10?  How active are each of you?  What assists and debts to your bring to the marriage?  What children and ex-spouses are entangled?

  • Trish
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    3 weeks ago

    If you're a guy I suspect it is.

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    My partner and I have been together 17 years; we have a 23 year age gap. 

  • Jerry
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    Do the math. You've been an adult for 20 years (since you turned 19). She's been an adult for 28 years. 20 is about 70% of 28; call that a 30% age difference. If you two were younger, like 22 and 30, the 8 year age difference would be a significantly bigger difference, 2 years of adulthood to 10 years of adulthood. 2 is 20% of 10, an 80% age difference. 

    X years of adulthood (younger person) 

    divided by 

    Y years of adulthood (older person) 

    = Z

    Z x 100 = age similarity score

    100 - age similarity score = age difference score. 

    Obviously everyone has to be at least 20 (at least 1 year of adulthood) for the math to work. 

    My thought is that a age difference of 35% or less probably isn't going to be significant.

    Or you can look at it this way: When she's 85, you'll be a spring chicken of 77. Horrors! 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Some women go through some pretty severe menopausal problems (mood swings, etc.) at around 50 so be prepared to deal with that if you do. 

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    Yes, it is. Everyone's situation is different but my wife has spent the last ten years in and out of the hospital. The longest stretch was five months and she is in the hospital right now. I love her and would do anything for her and always will but women have much more health problems and our life has been miserable. Stay closer to your own age is my advice.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Not really the most extreme thing. I PERSONALLY would not, but that is my decision

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