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Is difficult to repair a computer?

2- What's a chip with artificial inteligence?

3-How to chose a good printer?

4- How to put a Windows XP HD in a box and link it go a Windows 10 computer? Will that work?

5-How do people see micro pièces repairing a computer?

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    1. Yes and no. It depends.

    2. An electronic processor that has been pre-programmed to do certain things, none whatsoever close to what you may be thinking as AI.

    3. Set your budget as high as you can.

    4. You can install XP on a new computer. You can run XP as a virtual machine within win10. You can install an XP HDD inside a win10 CPU and access all your documents there. You just can't run the old XP programs. For that, you will have to reinstall them to win10.

    5. If it's micro, you don't see them unless you use a microscope. Microscopic entities repairing the computer? We're still eons away from that. Since computers nowadays are modular, repair is mostly done by swapping the damaged part with a functional one. The most difficult part is finding the part that has to be replaced.

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    It is much better to post one question at a time.  If this is the same person who has done this before; we keep telling you, you're going to have trouble posting them all at once like this.  Most YA users will not take the time to answer 5 questions at once. 

    1) with Experience, no.

    2) Silicon memory chip encoded with algorithms which will imitate human response. 

    3) Fine one you can afford which also does all you need it to do, and has a good review on the internet.  

    4)  Install the drive, and then then boot to the Windows 10 and create a dual boot. 

    5)  Parts of computers these days come as daughterboards or external peripherals.  For the most part, repair is replacing these parts.  

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